FXAA Antialias Query With Nvida Devices

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FXAA Antialias Query With Nvida Devices

Stephen Morris

     I use an Asus Geforce GTX 1070 nvidia card with 8 GB of memory. I
am also using the nvidia driver source from negativo17 for version
390.25. Within Nvidia X Server Configuration I have selected FXAA
Antialiasing within the opengl settings and that has caused an issue in
my F27 implementation. With that option active, the KDE kicker, active
applications in the taskbar and the system tray contents all get
displayed as white on white, and all applications, irrespective of
whether the application is a native KDE application or a GTK
application, text is displayed out of focus until either I mouse over
them (in some cases) or scroll the window in which case the text is
sharp and readable. If I unselect the FXAA option and set the Anti-alias
option to 16x I don't get the same issue.

     Has anyone else experienced a similar issue and identified whether
its an issue with the driver or an issue with F27 routines, and whether
or not they have a resolution?



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