KDE Plasma is working fine on Manjaro, but not on Kubuntu 18.04 Beta2

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KDE Plasma is working fine on Manjaro, but not on Kubuntu 18.04 Beta2

Apurv Jyotirmay

I've been trying to move to KDE for a long time, but the only Plasma release for me that worked on Kubuntu was with Kubuntu 15.10. And after that, none of the releases are working on my hardware. So, what happens is, if I use Plasma and KWin (OpenGL 2, OpenGL 3, or Xrendr), I get this weird flickering when resizing application windows. It's easily observable if I open up a Dolphin window and start to resize it by the corner rapidly in every direction. At times, there will be a white patch covering the entire window for a few milliseconds (or so). I thought it has something to do with the underlying Xorg, but I tried Manjaro with Plasma 5.12.3 on my hardware, and it was working perfectly.

Also, in Kubuntu, I get this really crazy menu flickering (sometimes) when I open a menu (File, Edit,...) and move my cursor over the items, it will start flickering with black colors, and closing and re-opening menus fixes that.

Any idea how can I produce a more technically detailed information for the same on Kubuntu? I don't really want to move away from the *buntu base :-(

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