Problems with ASUS MB and CPU temperature

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Problems with ASUS MB and CPU temperature

GianPiero Puccioni

I have recently installed Linux on my PC and I have some problems with the CPU
temperature, while everything works fine under Win10.

The MB is an Asus  STRIX B250F - The chipset is reported by hwinfo as
"Intel 200 Series PCH LPC Controller (B250)".

The problem is that it seems that the fans are not controlled and the CPU temp
get very high, and during some tasks (like a "dnf update" with several packages)
I get a "Temp critical CPU throttled" message.

The sensors command gave little help at start with the default installation.
On line I found some advice and I tried using the grub option
"acpi_enforce_resources=lax" and loading the "nct6775" module which reports
"Found NCT6793D or compatible chip at 0x2e:0x290" in dmesg.

With this sensors gave more info (Temp and Fans) but some was still missing
unfortunately the problem remains.

Does anyone knows what is the proper module to load for this chipset?

Or if there is something else to be done.


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