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Lanny Marcus
On Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 12:57 PM,  <[hidden email]> wrote:
> I am stuck taking this stupid online training course from work. It just
> sits there doing nothing with firefox, so I pulled up konqueror, and tell
> it to lie and say it's IE. That works... until it gets to the content,
> which some HR moron is *positive* desperately needs to be in flash.

Very late into this thread, but I will throw my 2 cents into the pot.
I use Firefox 3.6.17 on CentOS 5.6 and it works. Probably fooling the
web site you need to use,  into thinking you are using IE, and not FF,
is the way to go.

I also installed Konqueror on this box, when I installed CentOS 5.. My
belief is that Konqueror is not being updated, but possibly I am wrong
about that. The last copyright date in the "help" About Konqueror,
shows 2005.....

That said, from time to time one of my cousins forwards things to me
and the only way I can dig the contents out is with  Konqueror.

Hopefully, you solved this, a long time ago.
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