updating third party applications on stable

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updating third party applications on stable


I am running stable (4.9 GENERIC.MP#819 amd64) and I'd like to know the
proper way to update third party applications.

I got the port tree via Anonymous CVS as explained in the FAQ.
And time to time here is what I do :

# cd /usr/ports
# cvs up -rOPENBSD_4_9 -Pd
# make index
# pkg_list=$(mktemp)
# /usr/ports/infrastructure/build/out-of-date |tee $pkg_list
# SUBDIRLIST=$pkg_list make clean package
# export PKG_PATH=/usr/ports/packages/`uname -m`/all
# pkg_add -ui -F update -F updatedepends

But the out-of-date script continues to show packages to update :

databases/evolution-data-server #  -> eggdbus-0.6p1
devel/libgdata                 # libsoup-gnome-2.32.2p0 -> eggdbus-0.6p\
devel/quirks                   # always-update -> quirks-1.32
math/gnumeric                  #  -> libglade2-2.6.4p5
x11/gnome/libgnome             #  -> popt-1.7p1
x11/gnome/libgweather          # libsoup-gnome-2.32.2p0 -> dbus-glib-0.\
x11/gnome/panel                # libsoup-gnome-2.32.2p0 -> libsoup-gnom\

Most of them are dependencies of vinagre.
So I deinstalled all packages shown in the list, deleted the port tree
and downloaded it again. Then I installed vinagre and all its
dependencies from ports and not packages.

But after this, the out-of-date script still shows the same output
even though pkg_info prints updated versions.

What is the correct way, then, to please the out-of-date script ?

Thank you