using "dnf group remove" to *totally* remove all virtualization?

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using "dnf group remove" to *totally* remove all virtualization?

Robert P. J. Day

  a couple more dnf/virtualization questions and that should be it.
first, is there any option, when removing a package group with "dnf
group remove", to remove even those packages that were installed
manually? last time i looked (and i believe i just reconfirmed that),
dnf keeps track of which packages were installed manually so that,
when you remove a package group, it will *not* remove packages that
had been installed manually. i'm not aware of any way around that, but
perhaps i missed something in the man page. or maybe there's a dnf

  finally, the reason i'm asking about this is that i'm writing a
tutorial on how to get started with virtualization on fedora, and i
wanted to start from the perspective of a system that had absolutely
no virtualization support on it whatever, and show what one could do
as one added one virtualization component at a time; hence, my attempt
at trying to remove the entire Virtualization package group (even
though i don't think that would come close to getting rid of all

  by the way, that last paragraph inspires the question -- does a
regular fedora system *require* even the smallest aspect of
virtualization to run properly? as in, if i had no need for
virtualization support, is it feasible to remove every single
virt-related package from the machine and not break something?

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